Wednesday, February 11, 2015

That Australian story - four stories on growing up in New England

My main post Tuesday was on the history blog - Growing up in New England – four stories - covering Maslyn Williams, Judith Wright, Binks Dowling and Judith Wallace.

In a way, this post is a work in progress. I have the main post as a word document intending to update it in part from material already written .

As I wright, our blogging friend Paul Barratt is off to the inaugural  Judith Wright lecture at the University of New England. This first is being delivered by Dr Fiona Capp, the author of My Blood's Country (2010), a journey through the landscapes that inspired Judith Wright's poetry.

Seriously, it's quite difficult writing when you are so close to the physical and personal landscape.

In a different world, I have been re-reading about the Bloomsbury Set. I gave up on them all those years ago because they were just so "little England". Now I am revisiting them. Bloomsbury survives because there were some influential people, more because there were scandals and lots of sex in a deeply interconnected group!

I can't promise you the sex, but it is interesting researching and writing about interconnected people whose lives form part of the pattern of life in an area in which I have a deep interest.

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