Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Thursday meander - Archibald short listings, a little on blogging

Up quite late and then spent time just responding to comments and feed back across various platforms. This painting by Filippa Buttitta of painter Judy Cassab is one of the 2015 Archibald Prize finalists. You will find all the finalists here.

I have selected this because it links to yesterday's post,
That Australian life - the Archies are back: a nostalgic excursion. I'm not sure what I think of the various entries. What do you think? 

I said that I spent a fair bit of time just responding to comments and feedback. I have too many platforms, I fear, but they are all important to me, each linked to different parts of my life and interests. On all of them, L value the interaction quite highly. 

In this context, I have been pleased at the way that Winton Bate's Freedom and Flourishing is now starting to gather comments, if still from just a few of us. Winton is also bringing interaction, as I try to do, up into the main posts.This helps him, but also adds value to those who do comment.

Another blog in the early comment comment phase is AC's My Observations. Here Ramana, as he so often does, has became a regular supportive commenter. Each blog has to find its own place. That takes time, sometimes a lot of time! With so many blogs now, so many rival platforms, what I call our blogging village has tended to fragment.I find myself that I don't comment on other people's blogs in the way I used too. I think that's a weakness on my part.

As I write, the Greek Parliament has backed the bail-out deal 229 to 64. That's fairly decisive, although 30 of the ruling party voted no. These events are going to be debated for years!

Finally, congratulations to Rod Holland for having Northern Rivers Geology selected as worthy of permanent retention in the National Library of Australia's electronic Pandora Web Archive. Well done!     

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