Sunday, August 30, 2015

Another morning at the Rugby: TAS V Scots

It was a beautiful day  in Sydney yesterday. It was the last match in this year's GPS thirds competition for my old school  TAS (The Armidale School) who were playing Scots College. I decided to go watch. I also decided to go by bus to Rose Bay and then walk to Scots from there. 

The first part is along the Bay, very pretty in the bright sunlight, before the steep climb up Cranbrook Road to the school. I walked in past the Armidale buses. Every second weekend during the rugby season five buses leave Armidale on Friday evening carrying the various TAS teams, returning to Armidale after the game. On the other weekend, one of the Sydney schools visits Armidale. The logistics involved are considerable.   

Full of hope if uncertainty, I waited for the main game. TAS firsts were in a huddle some distance from the field as the combined TAS teams formed the tunnel. A TAS parent made the comment that this was their last match as a team, and they were trying to hype themselves up. I had forgotten that that the next round was a bye for TAS. The boys cheered their team onto the field with an enthusiasm that brought shiny eyes to this supporter!

TAS started strongly, pressing hard, with Scots fighting back. At the 13th minute, there was an intercept and a runaway TAS try by the TAS number 13. This was converted: TAS 7, Scots 0. Then just before half-time, constant Scots pressure resulted in a Scots converted try. Half time score 7-7.

From the start of the second half, Scots pressed, resulting in an unconverted try six minutes in. TAS fought back scoring an unconverted try to equalise. Scots then had a chance to equalise from a penalty, but missed. TAS counterattacked desperately and came close to scoring. End score 12-12.

It had been an exciting match.Later, one of the Scots' parents put a video on-line, so you can actually watch key elements of the game. TAS is in the blue. It's a very good video, actually, for you can see the detail of the game, including the way the boys organise themselves on the food.

After the game I walked out of the grounds past the assembled buses starting to load the boys. The walk back to Bondi Junction took me through some of Sydney's prestige areas. I had forgotten how big some of those houses were. I wasn't in a hurry, so took the opportunity to flaneur (aka sticky beak) properly.

Back home, I returned to trying to understand the details of the Operation Fortitude fiasco. But it had been a good morning.    

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