Saturday, February 22, 2020

Remembering Canberra's Bitter Lemons

The Bitter Lemons, Canberra

Unlike our friend marcellous, I am not especially musical. My exposure to music was limited to an old wind-up gramophone when I was young. Later we had a radiogram. That was mums and I rarely used it.

In 1965, brother David went to the Australian National University, staying at Bruce Hall  Our parents were away in Bangkok  I was working at TAS (The Armidale School) as a duty master.This involved me taking sport and acting as master on duty (it was still a predominantly boarding school) several days a week either in Broughton House or on lesser occasions for the whole school. 

In 1966 I was back home. David had left his little record player and a few records behind when he moved away, so I took them into my bedroom. There was one little 45 by the Bitter Lemons. I had never heard of them, but played it quite a bit.

Formed in Canberra in 1965, David must have bought the record that year, the Bitter Lemons were quite a feature of the then very small Canberra pop scene. This YouTube video may be one of their few clips that survives.


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