Saturday, January 20, 2007

Muslims - part of the Australian Way

Neil, Ninglun, has just put up what I think is a remarkably good post - Extended comment: On the extreme ugliness of fanatics of all kinds…. The post deals in part with fanaticism, with varying views within the Muslim community, with Neil's experience in teaching Muslim students, with the need to avoid stereotyping in case we create the very things we fear.

I will add a fuller comment later because it bears upon the Australian Way, the concept of a uniquely Australian approach based on our culture and history that I have been trying to articulate on this blog. For the moment, I simply recommend the post.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jim. I should warn readers I have added to an already long post, extending to the end of my last year working with those students, which coincided with the riots in Cronulla.

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Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, Neil.I read the extension and liked it.

On a professional as well as personal issue, this is another example of the power of blogging, the way it comes into its own.

The normal media are bound by their publication schedules. Blogging is both faster and allows a dialogue.

I know Lexcen reads your blog and not just from the comment.

Lexcen, if you go back to our earlier discussion on your blog re the impact of blogging, this exchange is another example of the things that we were talking about.

Anonymous said...

I have done a follow-up post on my other blog: A voice you just can’t ignore. It focuses on the essay I refer to in the original post, names the writer, and quotes from it. Aside from the fact I really want people to read that essay, naming him may also flush out commenters from his group. I hope so.

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