Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rosebery Reflections - Tiredness

I sometimes don't get enough sleep. I really mean, I don't get enough sleep!

We presently live on a reasonably busy road in a small mixed industrial residential inner city Sydney suburb. Normally this does not worry me, but every so often

I suppose police chases are the worst.

Our bedroom is at the front of the house. I suppose the street would be 20 m. or so away. A police car at high speed with siren and lights passing at this distance is, how would I describe it?, noticeable!

Fortunately there are not many of these, and they pass rather quickly, with the noise dieing away in a diminishing wail.

While the noise is usually less pronounced, trucks are worse.

A big semi delivering a container to the poker machine factory across the road - Rosebery is one of the global HQs for the manufacture of gaming machines - is also noticeable in the middle of the night. Again this is rare, although at one stage when the factory was working three shifts a day to meet a big order it was common for a period.

Beyond this, there are a whole variety of annoying motor vehicles. Street sweeping machines are the worst, since for some reason they often come early in the morning and then go up and down the road outside the house.

Today was a new one.

For reasons that escape me, one of those vehicles with a large flashing arrow mounted on the back that you see at road construction sites came and sat at the head of our drive way - motor running, lights flashing - for an extended period.

By the time it drove away I was wide awake and could not get back to sleep. So I finally got up.


Lexcen said...

I used to live on one of Melbourne's busiest roads. Saturday nights, the police would have a stakeout outside my front door to catch speeding drivers. I sympathize with you.

Anonymous said...

Well, here I am further up the road, so I do know what you mean, compounded at times by the joys of unit living. Hot still nights are the worst.

Jim Belshaw said...

Thank you both for your sympathy, it's really much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he wanted to catch a nap before finishing his shift and your house was just the right place.

Jim Belshaw said...

That's an awful thought, David.