Wednesday, January 03, 2007

One of those nothing days

Today has been one of those nothing days. You know, a day where one begins with lots of plans, things to do, but then somehow come to day's end with most things undone.

The day began well enough.

As on most days I got up early. The early morning is usually my most productive time because things are quiet without external distractions.

As always, I checked the overnight blog stats to see what people had been looking at. I still find this interesting because it indicates topics that I might want to follow up. This is most important for my special purpose blogs such as managing the professional services firm where I am trying to target people's needs. By contrast, on this blog I just go with my personal interests.

I then checked my emails, responded to comments on the blogs, then did a quick blog tour. This was productive, leading to a story on professionals and management. I then started processing back emails.

So far so good. But then the wheels seemed to come off. Wednesday is usually a disrupted day anyway because the cleaners come in. Before they can clean I have to at least ensure that the house is tidy. I was doing that when eldest (school and university holidays are still on) told me that the cleaners were coming tomorrow. Now this may sound silly, but it actually disrupted things.

Back to emails and some urgent outstandings, get the girls lunch, then took Helen to the Sydney University open day because she was thinking of the possibility of moving to Sydney. This was a most unsatisfying visit. She can move, but she can only do a limited range of courses because, at least as I saw it, of a remarkably rigid school structure. So if she moves she will have to hope to find a way to work round this once there, a significant risk. Not a happy daughter or Dad.

The whole thing left me wondering, again, just what we have done to our universities. If we had the money, and if Helen who is a home girl would agree, I would push her in the direction of New England where I know that she can do the things she wants to do while also enjoying university life. Still, that's not practical just at present.

Back home now completely disrupted with an urgent and still untouched to do list but feeling the need to complain. Hence this post. I now have to start fixing things for tea and then take Helen to baby sitting, part of the HB income earning program. Hopefully I can get back to things later.

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