Friday, April 11, 2008

South Africa - political parties and the 2004 elections

I know remarkably little about current South African politics. It's all a black hole (I mean this in an astronomical sense) apart from a few headlines in the Australian press.

The following table shows the results from the 14 April 2004 South African National Assembly election results. I have only listed parties who gained seats in the 400 seat assembly.

You can see both the dominance of the ANC and the wide spread of smaller parties. The Democratic Alliance is the official opposition.


African National Congress10.88m69.69+3.34279+13
Democratic Alliance 1.93m12.37+2.8150+12
Inkatha Freedom Party1.09m6.97-1.6128-6
United Democratic Movement355,7172.28-1.149-5
Independent Democrats269,7651.7+1.77+7
New National Party257,8241.65-5.227-21
African Christian Democratic Party250,2721.60+0.177+1
Freedom Front Plus139,4650.89-0.204-
United Christian Democratic Party117,7920.75-0.033-
Pan Africanist Congress113,5120.73+0.023-
Minority Front55,2670.35+0.052+1
Azanian People's Organisation39,1160.25+0.081-


Lexcen said...

Jim, an unfortunate use of phrase in your opening comment.

Jim Belshaw said...

My heartfelt thanks for this comment, Lexcen. I simply did not see the double meaning. I have corrected to try to clarify.