Monday, April 21, 2008

Summit Wrap-up

My thanks to LE and Lexcen for understanding my position. Both are republicans, but both wanted to see more substance. Neil, too, took the same position. Both Club Troppo and Andrew Bartlett picked up my summit post.

I will give the delegates the compliment of picking up their conclusions in a later post. In the meantime, I commend Andrew's summary to you.


Anonymous said...

:-) No worries Jim! One of my concerns is that if 100% of the people at the summit voted for a republic then it wasn't really a representative group. If one really took a section of the community, as the referendum shows, it would be more like 50/50, or at least 40/60... It's a divisive thing to make decisions these kinds of issues with a non-representative group. Kind of seems like a stacked jury.

Jim Belshaw said...

I think that stacked jury is right in a way. Some of the comments that suggest that monarchists have only themselves to blame have really annoyed me.

I thought of applying but just did not think that I would get in. Had I applied and got in,the thought of going to defend constitutional monarchy would never have entered my head.There are too many other things I want to see.

I suppose that had I gone, joined the governance stream, then I would probably have ended up defending the status quo. But then I suspect that I would have regarded the whole thing as a failure and simply left!