Sunday, February 01, 2009

Blog Performance - January 2009

Total visitor numbers on my various blogs to end January follow. I knew visitor numbers were down, but not the extent. It is a long while since visitor numbers on this blog were that low.

Part of my problem is the that the weekly Express column has added the equivalent of another blog. The added travel time associated with working in Parramatta has also reduced blogging time. When I get behind in posts, numbers drop.

That does not explain the fall in numbers on this blog. Here I have kept posts up. Regular visits are down a little, search engine visits down a lot. I guess that I have been picking less popular topics.

Over February I plan to try a couple of experiments. I will report on these later.

On a related matter, January revenue from Google Adsense was the lowest since I put ads on the blogs. I guess the global recession is biting a bit.  

Blog End December End January January Visitors
Personal Reflections 45,997 47,659 1,622
Managing the Professional Services Firm 19,739 20,259 520
New England, Australia 18,936 19,550 614
Regional Living Australia 11,676 11,970 294
Management Perspectives 7,867 8,268 401
New England's History 3,199 3,488 289
History of Australian and New Zealand Thought (joint) 1,436 1,501 65
Belshaw sans words 477 492 15
Total 109,327 113,187 3,860

Total visitor numbers follow. This puts the overall January fall in context. The only positive is that January levels were a bit above January 2008.

Month Visitor Numbers
January 3,860
December 5,011
November 5,469
October 5,552
September 4,857
August 3,991
July (average June/July) 3,962
June (average June/July) 3,962
May 4,296
April 4,536
March 4,294
February 3,710
January 3,656
December 2007 2,844
November 3,612

Finally, the following table  will show total page views. I will add January later.

Month Page Views
December 11,656
November 13,842
October 14,112
September 12,160
August 9,859
July 9,292
June 10,635
May 10,846
April 11,058
March 10,969
February 9,456
January 9,485
December 7,447
November 9,239

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