Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday Meanderings

Just a few meanderings.

At last Niar has told us something of her new life in Jakarta. I have been waiting to hear something.

I hope to continue my  Saturday Morning Musings series on women's liberation tomorrow.

I am obviously writing from an Australian perspective. Here Ramana came in with a very interesting comment on Saturday Morning Musings - the unforeseen effects of Women's Liberation - 1 looking at things from an Indian perspective.

I will leave you to read the comment, but I was struck by his distinction between Western and Modern. I have to think about this, because I think that it is an important insight. I can define Western, but how do we define modern?

Those who read this blog on a regular basis will understand why Lynne's story LIVING IN THE NORTH struck such a cord. I will comment properly in several posts.

The article I wrote for Business Solutions Magazine, Understanding the Current Economic Crisis, has finally appeared. Very glossy!

I cannot give you an on-line link, there isn't one.

When I heard that it was about to be published i was very nervous. After all, I wrote it more than six weeks ago, and who can say that things have not changed since?

There are a few lines I would alter. But the core message - the need to manage downturn while planning for renewed growth - and the supporting analysis holds up. 

Well, I'm tired. I am back to getting up at four to do things. This morning I needed to be at work early, so left before seven. No breakfast, and then things were so busy I did not get any lunch. Silly, I know, because by the time I had cooked tonight I really did not want to eat.

Tired and I cannot concentrate.


Anonymous said...

Is that magazine in the newsagents?

Glad you've enjoyed Lynne, whose response to you is also interesting. Sounds a fascinating woman.

Jim Belshaw said...

Sorry for the delay in responding, Neil. I don't know about the mag.

Yes, Lynne is interesting. The advantage of Google Reader!