Monday, September 03, 2012

Gonski lost in guitar's golden glow

Coming home in the train tonight, I had planned to write on the Australian Government's response to the Gonski report on school education. You will find the details here and here. I started to write down questions to ask: what were the objectives; how  measured; if every defined target were achieved, would education be better off? Then I put my writer's diary aside.

It had been a good day after several good days over the last week. One day I bounced into work last week very chirpy. "What has happened", I was asked. I couldn't really say. Perhaps I wouldn't for fear that it would sound all so trivial.

Today it was late afternoon. It had been a warm, bright, day. Now the sun streamed into the carriage. The trees and bushes by the side of the line, the parks, glowed. Then, softly, a guitar started from the back of the carriage. I didn't look around for fear of seeming rude, but I did look at my fellow passengers. There were startled looks and craned heads, then everybody settled down.

I put my serious papers back into my bag and just sat there, enjoying the experience. Even after he left the train, I let the golden glow continue.    


Legal Eagle said...

What a lovely post.

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, LE. I'm glad that I captured the experience.