Monday, September 24, 2012

Snippets - gangnam, a case of spurs, currency & bohemians

I am very short of time this morning, so just wanted to pick upP1000892 a few snippets.

Have you watched PSY - Gangnam Style? Alternatively, is there anyone who hasn't! I mention it now because the kids were dancing it yesterday at youngest's birthday BBQ. Youngest was mortified that I knew about the craze before she mentioned it, and from the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) no less. I am not sure what surprised her more, that I should know or that the ABC should have caught up so quickly! If you haven't heard it, have a listen. It's quite catchy.

I have watched with sympathy the technical problems that struck our friends at skepticslawyer. You will be pleased to hear that they are back on line now. Back in my home country, Denis Wright has maintained his high writing standard. If you haven't already done so, take a look at  "Five Sentence Fiction" or Spurred on.

In this morning's Sydney Morning Herald, Ross Gittins has a useful piece on the stubborn rise of the Australian dollar. I mention this now because I want to come back to this topic.

I have now added Don Aitkin's Don Aitkin to my regular read list. I wasn't in fact aware until very recently that Don had his own blog. I think it's actually quite new, starting in July, so a lot of people probably aren't aware of it yet.

Finishing today's very brief post, for those interested in Australian history, ‘Dancing with Empty Pockets: Australia’s Bohemians’ by Tony Moore from the Resident Judge of Port Phillip is worth a read  because it brings out another thread in Australian history and culture, if with a very Sydney & Melbourne focus.

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Jim Belshaw said...

Thank you. I enjoyed them and posted them on Facebook for youngest!