Sunday, September 23, 2012

kvd and now LE's chairs revisited

Back on 6 August (An outbreak of gardening at Astrolabe Road)P1000870 I reported on the start of my gardening endeavours. This led kvd to offer to supervise so long as I supplied the beer!

I reported on this in kvd's chair. There I accepted David's offer and put out a chair for him. Subsequently, Legal Eagle offered to assist if I supplied dry white!

Time has passed. This is the same bed with kvd and LE's chairs. Sadly, there is no alcohol. It's actually a bit early in the morning for that!

When I lived in Queanbeyan, friend Sue used to laugh at me when, scissors in hand, I went out to the back yard saying that I was going to harvest the water cress! But it's true. It is harvesting.

Last night I cooked roast pork. As part of the vegetables, I cooked silver beet from the garden. I love silver beet, but my daughters detest it. So it's been a while since I had it.   


Anonymous said...

That's actually a fair amount of progress, Jim - well done!

Silver beet or spinach; a little butter, lots of pepper = heaven! It is probably a final sign of adulthood when tastebuds finally acknowledge the truth of the foregoing statement, so give them a bit more time.

Anyway, you can be rightly proud of progress thus far.


Jim Belshaw said...

Actually, kvd, I haven't tried that combination. I will do so next week!

Anonymous said...

Other useful side dishes for the obligatory butter and pepper are cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and snow peas.

And Jim, except for the last, I bet your kids haven't come to appreciate those either? Heaven awaits...


Jim Belshaw said...

They liked cauliflower with white sauce, kvd. Broccoli was something of a no-no. I will add to my now this week's list.

Rummuser said...

Wow! Quite some growth there Jim.

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, Ramana.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim

Perhaps while we are supervising your weed pulling, we could have a brief discussion about derivatives, to whit:

I no longer think derivatives should just be banned. I now think they should be treated as gambling, and then banned.

That is, CFDs, CDOs, SCDOs, CPDOs, CDS and all the various other acronyms that might masquerade as financial instruments should be brought under the Interactive Gaming Act, 2001, which makes it an offence to offer “real money” online gambling to residents of Australia.

- and -

The idea that derivatives are gambling and should be treated as such came to me this week

HOWEVER - I must confess the above are not my words. They come from here:

My initial simple reaction is that Mr Kohler is remarkably slow.


Jim Belshaw said...

In catching up to your earlier arguments, kvd?

Legal Eagle said...

WOW! I am so pleased to see my chair. Thank you Jim! (Have been preoccupied with writing text book and now catching up on blog reading). And I can see the progress in the garden...

Jim Belshaw said...

Understand the pressures, LE!