Monday, September 17, 2012

Old boys, young boys & a bright, sunny day - TAS OBU weekend September 2012

I drove to Armidale Friday for an Old Boys' reunion at TAS (The Armidale School). I took my camera and took a lot of photos; a few were okay, although I had difficulty balancing light on a very bright day. This is a photo from the rugby. Downlands College from Toowoomba (red stripe) were visiting as part of the weekend.  P1000808

As you might expect, I cam back with many possible stories, some of which I may even write up! This next photo taken in Big School is a shot of my group.  People had travelled from Hong Kong, Canada and the US for the reunion, as well as from different parts of Australia. Few people who go to school or university in Armidale stay there. Their subsequent journeys are part of the changing fabric of life in Australia and well beyond. P1000845

I suppose that it's inevitable now, but in both Armidale itself and among the TAS group I learned of deaths that I had not known. Australian writer Gwen Kelly, Jim Burling, Rennie Barnes. That added to my sense of refection; I will record some of that too.

All of us were struck by the changes in the school, changes that also reflect the changes in Australian society. The last photo is of the TAS Stage Band. The school has a very strong theatre tradition.P1000802

We sat in the sun, drank beer and talked, listening to the music and the more distant sounds of the cheers and war cries from the nearby sporting fields. I was glad I had come, even though getting away had been a bit of a battle. 


Unknown said...

G'day Jim,
Even though I was at AHS and a couple of years behind you (not sure how many exactly), I thought I knew quite a few TAS boys but I'm blowed if I recognise any of those gentlemen - other than your goodself.
It made me think that next year will be 50 years since my Leaving Certificate.
I'm glad you are enjoying Bill Gammage's book.
Bob Clarke

Jim Belshaw said...

Not all that many, Bob, actually. I did the LC twice. This was the fiftieth for the second LC class. Dave did it the same year as you.

You probably do know a few. Back row second left is Brian Harrison. Back row far right Ross Lane, the runner who won the GPS mile by 150 yards! Just checking exact details on all the names & will put them up.

Jim Belshaw said...

I'm sorry, I forgot to mention Bill Gammage and thanks for the link. It's a very good book indeed.

Rummuser said...

I envy you.

Jim Belshaw said...

The weekend reminded me just how lucky I am, Ramana.