Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sydney growth problems - Sydney Water's Eastlakes over-kill

From time to time I have written about Sydney's growth problems with a special focus on the area where I have been living. I have another case to report.

The Gardens R Us store that used to exist just down Gardners Road from my place was one of my favourite Sydney spots. I loved the plants and the view over the golf course.

The 1.7ha site was owned by Sydney Water and leased to the Piggins brothers. Given the value of the site in the middle of one of Sydney's rapid growth zones, Sydney Water terminated the lease at the end of 2015 with the aim of re-development. The buildings were cleared away, but the site then just sat.

Sydney water has now sought rezoning approval to allow it to build 744 apartments in five blocks up to 14 storeys high on the Gardens R Us site plus the adjoining block also owned by Sydney Water (in all 2.75ha) and presently used as a maintenance depot. Bayside Council planning officers oppose the proposal on the grounds that it is too big and would result in open space. There are also some potential flood issues. Water passes through lower parts of the site from the higher ground through to the wetlands. You will find the Sydney Water proposal here.

I blinked when I heard the news. It's really just too big for the area. I have commented before at the way higher density development is placing pressure on existing parks, sporting facilities and green spaces. This proposal will add to those pressures.

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Anonymous said...

When new transport infrastructure comes (such as the light rail), can real estate [over]development be far behind?

Jim Belshaw said...

Sadly, I'm sure that you are right marcellous.