Monday, March 26, 2007

I Cried Tonight

I mean this very seriously.

I sat in front of the TV watching the story of Brian Egan on Australian Story and I cried. The family looked at me as I sat there with tears dripping down my face.

Brian Egan is the story of an ordinary bloke who was on his arse end and came back. Brian Egan is the story of a man who took his family to breaking point and came back.

Brian did so by helping others. That was his salvation.

Brian's story is part of the reason why I am so proud to be an Australian. We have our faults, but we also have a lot of ordinary people who do some extraordinary things.


Anonymous said...

I saw it too and was moved. Great series, Australian Story. I like to think such humanity is more widely distributed than we suspect. It is, alas, rarely deemed newsworthy.

Jim Belshaw said...

Neil, I think that such humanity is indeed more widespread than we allow. I also think that when we compare the evil, we see that the there are far more truly good.