Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Personal Meanderings

This photo of the Paddle Steamer Jandra on the Darling River near Bourke is from Gordon Smith's magnificent continuing series on his outback trip. Note that there is actually water!

I had intended to call this post personal reflections, but meanderings is more like it.

School started today. So back to the usual round. I was going to say that I have only to survive a little while longer, but in fact I will miss it!

The high standard of posts continues on some of the other blogs I read. I will try to do a proper report here at the weekend pointing to some of the posts. At this point I will only note that they keep me in touch while providing a liberal education, using liberal in the old fashioned sense of the word.

A colleague at work is doing a university course on the Aborigines and the nation state. She asked for my help because she knew that I had been blogging on the Aborigines. I was happy to help. However, I had to warn her that without a close look at the course outline this could be very dangerous since she might well fail!

I have continued digging through the census data. There is some interesting stuff here that I want to write up in due course.

Another conversation at work where a different colleague was worried about antibiotics in milk since she thought that they had to use drugs to make cows produce milk all the time! Mmmm.

Ah well, I have to cook tea.

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