Saturday, August 04, 2007

In Celebration of Scouting

Congratulations to the Scouting Movement on its 1ooth anniversary.

I have been working on another post over the last few days. I will finish, but I need to move on.

Scouts were a godsend to me. At a time when I was very unhappy they provided a release, a place where I could find myself.

When my daughters were young I used to tell them some of the things we did. A little later I used my experience in scouts as a guide as to what I should let them do. And that was sometimes a lot more than conventional wisdom provided.

I thought at one stage that Australian scouting would be killed by political correctness. The movement had just too many apparent connections to a past in the process of active rejection. Yet it has survived.

Listening to the commentators talking about the anniversary I was struck by how many actually struggled to deal with the event. Many were surprised to find scouting still a vibrant movement.

A key difficulty in secular Australia is the continued reference to belief in God, a supreme being. In the 1923 creed this was expressed in terms of god and country.

The movement does not specify the form that this belief should take. This has made it a genuinely international movement because while the creed does vary from country to country, the core statement of beliefs can be accepted by people of all religions in all countries.

Long may scouting continue.

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