Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In Praise of the SMH's Erik Jensen

I had two stories ready to write as a follow up to my story Sydney Art - end of the angry young men. Then I thought, let's give some praise where praise is due.

I do not know who Erik Jensen is. I do know that after returning to reading on art after a long break, I found Mr Jensen's reports in the Sydney Morning Herald to be very good indeed.

Now I admit that I have a bias here. I like a writer who can provide a historical context to his writing. This Mr Jensen does very well indeed.

I notice that the on-line edition of the SMH does not appear to give Mr Jensen his by-line credit. I think that this is a gross error of commercial judgement.

If the paper did, they could promote Mr Jensen's writing to an international marketplace as a way of making Australian art accessible. I know that there is a real market here.

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