Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm back - and a taste of New Zealand nostalgia

Arrived back from Mt Hotham yesterday evening. It was fun: eleven of us sat down for Christmas lunch, with thirteen on Boxing day. While my immediate family rarely reads this blog, they get enough of my ramblings anyway!, it appears that others in the family do. I must bear that in mind.

This was my first visit to North Eastern Victoria, the first Drummond family Christmas for quite a long time, and I came back with a mass of things to write about. Among other things, Brother David gave me CDs with a variety of family material. I guess you will learn a bit about all this as I go along.

As a taste, the following photo shows the road to Milford Sound in New Zealand. From left to right, Roger Puller, his wife cousin Elaine, myself and Aunt May's husband Vic Fisher.

Further comments follow the photo.Pullers2

For a number of years I went to New Zealand every year or second year, generally staying part of the time with Roger and Elaine on the farm at Pukerau near Gore in Southland. This was fun from a family viewpoint, but also provided a base for touring.

This was one trip David and I went together; he is taking the photo.

The car is a Ford Zephyr. In very New Zealand style, Elaine would pack picnic hampers with thermos and things to eat, and we would stop at various points for breaks. I always thought that this was a very civilised thing to do, although I have rarely done it in Australia. Somehow, I have always been in a bit of a rush.

You can see its quite cold. I loved the chill.


Anonymous said...

James, my son Phillip found this on the web. Today is new year and we have Roger here for evening meal and I am showimg him your comments and the photo. Roger sends his greetings and says your photo and comments bring back many good memories. He is well. His daughter vivien is being married 5th March. We are all thrilled. Greetings to you. I recall meeting you and David.
Margaret Pullar, Gordon's wife who a;so camefrom the north. We taught together at Whangarei.

Jim Belshaw said...

What a wonderful New Year surprise, Margaret. If I remember correctly, I may be wrong, the last time we met was on a visit to your place where I talked with Gordon about drying wheat! Was it Phillip I stayed with in Auckland?

Good to hear that Roger is well, exciting to hear of Viv's engagement.Those NZ trips still occupy a very special place in my memories.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are accurate about the wheat drying. Phillip converted the family farm "Crichton Park" to dairying almost twenty yuears ago. Many trees have been planted over fifty plus years. It is a picture.
No it would not have been Phillip in Auckland. We like Roger are now living in Gore.

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Margaret. The place sounds nice. Maybe I will even get to see it later this year - eldest and I are thinking of going to the world cup!

I wonder who it was I stayed with in Auckland? I should know - it's nagging at my mind. I know that it was a Pullar who was then, I think, at uni. I remember the face, the house and some of our conversations.

Also, don't the Pullars also have an Australian connection?