Friday, December 04, 2009

Two views of the recent Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

Two views of the recent Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

The first comes from the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia.
“These are the days when the world system of the International Monetary Fund is slipping into a chain-reaction pattern of sovereign fiscal defaults,” Lyndon LaRouche stated yesterday. The Queen’s 27th November speech to the Commonwealth summit, coinciding with the announcement of Dubai’s default, following Dubai ruler, Sheikh Mohammed’s meeting with the Queen on 23rd November, was the umbrella under which the wave of oncoming sovereign defaults was announced.

Nothing can be understood without consideration of the Queen’s speech, he continued, which was probably the most significant event over the recent period. With her declaration that the Commonwealth—in fact, the physical extension of the British Empire’s monetarist global realm—must expand its international role, she declared the Empire’s intention for global genocide, and the end of nation states, which are now to be liquidated in a wave of sovereign defaults.
I had no idea that the Queen's speech was so significant in global financial terms.

The second perspective comes from Yawning Bread who actually went to CHOGM in the people stream. This is more of a travelogue. I have put the posts in date order:
I would be interested in your reactions to YB's comments.


Rummuser said...

Jim, I rest my case with the tenth post of Yawning Bread.

There is division within and the Commonwealth is talking about it without~! I like the umbrella bit about Dubai to start off.

Jim Belshaw said...

Sorry for the delay in responding, Ramana.

There wasn't anything in the discussion in post ten that came as a particular surprise. There are all sorts of divides in the Commonwealth linked to all sorts of things.