Monday, July 26, 2010

What people read

Google has just introduced its own stats package for blogs. It seems to have come into effect from the start of June. I have stats packages already, but the Google package provides certain additional information.

I find that by far the most popular post during the period since with 220 page views was Sunday Essay - the importance of quiet time in a crowded world. I knew that this one was popular, but the next post on 126 views was a surprise: Report of the NSW Aborigines Welfare Board, year ended 30 June 1940. Then on 65 page views came  Masterchef meets the CWA.

Last night was the last episode of this year's Australian Masterchef, and we all watched it after the leader's election debate. By the way, I was struck by the behaviour of the worm during the debate, because of the way it highlighted different audience reactions between men and women to the two leaders. We knew this from the public opinion polls, but it was interesting to watch.

I was not surprised that Masterchef meets the CWA scored so well. The popular success of Masterchef has been quite astonishing. 

After the Masterchef post came The Importance of Family History on 59 page views. Again, this one was not a surprise. Then on 40 page views came Sunday Essay - Facebook, freedom of speech and the rights of others. This was a post I wrote as a companion to one of Tikno's posts. I see from Tikno's most recent post, Someone has stolen my article - plagiarism, that he has suffered a straight post pinch without attribution. I really sympathise.

The next five posts were:

Beyond my own personal curiosity, I suspect that the new stats will give me some helpful hints in time to guide my writing. 


tikno said...

Congratulation for your blog achievement!

About plagiarism, I have reported to Zimbio and Google and my effort were not in vain at least I got a respond from Zimbio. I have published their mail in post update

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Tikno and thanks. I am glad that you got a response.