Monday, August 09, 2010

Cub Gunston?

I spent a fair bit of time on yesterday's post, Reflections on the end of the Housing NSW/AHO Aboriginal mentoring program, so I am not going to say anything substantive today.

Ranga, budgie smuggler, Green Desperados & the Three Amigos was my attempt to provide a somewhat satirical overview of the present Australian election campaign. Since then, former Labor leader Mark Latham's lurch into reporting (here, here) has provided further satirical material. The headline on one of the newspaper reports, Reporter Latham: stories none, apologies one, kind of captures it.

I didn't have a really good nickname for Mr Latham. He may be, as Channel Nine's Laurie Oakes' suggests in an attack on his own station, full of bile. Certainly, he displayed a lot of gall. Borrowed perhaps? But Mr Bile is far too serious.

One option might be Mark Latham cub reporter. He clearly has a lot to learn. However, this is arguable unfair on all all cub reporters! Another option might be Norman Latham after Norman Gunston whose bumbling satirical interviews became something of a cult during the 1970s. Many Australians didn't know whether to laugh or cringe. Norman Gunston's interview with Mick Jagger follows as an example.  

Perhaps I should combine the two, Mark Latham, Cub Gunston? Or Mark Gunston, cub reporter? Perhaps you have some ideas?    


Anonymous said...

Mark Lather? Cub Troppo?

He should have his own tv show called something like "A Fistful of Dolores"


Anonymous said...

But on a more serious note, I wonder if Latham's stunt, and the subsequent Oakes' outburst against Channel 9 will in fact work in Gillard's favour?

The public is very fickle, and I don't think they take very kindly to our PM (of any persuasion) being so treated. For instance, I found myself being quite annoyed on her behalf with the treatment, and with the press generally.


Jim Belshaw said...

I agree with you, KVD. There is a respect for position, as well as a fair go. Accepting that the TV shots I have seen may be selective, Mr Latham's body languge was quite remarkable. A Fist Full of Dolores eh?

Anonymous said...

My bad. I was referring to the latin root (sorrow, grief)- not some lovely lady's name. A wayward 'e' intruded upon my thought.