Saturday, August 21, 2010

Election Day

Yesterday I watched the election shenanigans on and off over the day, all brought to us real time via the internet. It was much more relaxing when we did not have all this information!

Today has dawned bright and clear in Sydney. The various polls released over-night all suggest a tight result, providing plenty of fodder for all the election tragics.

This will be a busy day indeed. At eight, I have to take eldest to netball via the polling station so that we can both vote. Then I have to take wife to Greek classes; from there, she will go via taxi to the booth where she is handing out how to vote material and then scrutineering.

Having dropped Dee off, I then have to pick eldest up and then take her to get BBQ stuff for a team BBQ. Then I have  a short break before taking eldest back to netball. I am then going to watch my old school play football in the NSW GPS (Greater Public Schools) football competition.

This is actually a bit unusual. While TAS has been a member of the GPS since the school's foundation, its country location has ruled out direct participation in what is a Sydney competition. This time it seems to be playing in place of Sydney High against Grammar. No doubt I will find more when I get there.

Following all this, I have to get back to the house and get it ready for an election party tonight. It all seems an awful lot to do!

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