Monday, August 06, 2012

An outbreak of gardening at Astrolabe Road

To start this post with a photo. Just a photoP1000306

Regular readers of this blog will know of my sometimes sporadic but consistent interest in gardening. When I moved into my new house, one of the reasons for its selection lay in the fact that it had space for gardening. Almost two months later, I realised I had yet to begin. Sunday morning was a nice day. Inspired by a sudden fit of madness, I went and bought seedlings, some dynamic lifter and mulch.

Madness? Consider these photos. The first is the main vegetable bed. Note the unweeded state!  All that has to be weeded before I can plant. P1000308

Now the difficulty with the main bed is that it's actually in shade for much of the day. Not good, especially in winter. So I looked at the alternative in the following photo.P1000309

Not a big bed, But lovely and sunny isn't it? The problem is that that's grass. It's not a question of just weeding and fertilising, but actually hard digging. Sigh!

What is not shown in the photo is the beer by the chair. Looking at it all, I got myself a beer and sat down to contemplate all the reasons why I might not do anything. Wearily, I got the garden fork out and started digging. Then the bloody fork broke, twisted out of shape. Cursing, I got out the hand fork and continued. Two hours later, I had the first seedlings in.

I am too ashamed to show you the results. Really quite piddling. But I do promise to show you some after photos when I have some decent results to show!       


Rummuser said...

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and some beer. I look forward to the "after" photos.

Jim Belshaw said...

Actually, so do I Ramana!

Anonymous said...

I do enjoy Ramana's comments! He lends some sort of philosophical credence to my own view on things - and I'm always grateful for that.

I see weeds, and grass, and a chair.

Now bearing in mind that my own experience (philosophy?) tells me that there is no job too small that it couldn't benefit from a supervisor, I hereby volunteer to observe your efforts.

(But only if you supply the beer)


Jim Belshaw said...

Plus a fork, kvd. But that broke under the strain. I really don't think that you should rush into things! Several beers are required in the planning stage! Yes, I like Ramana's comments too.