Saturday, August 11, 2012

kvd's chair

This is not a real post, just a note.

Last Monday in An outbreak of gardening at Astrolabe Road I reported on my plans to develop my garden here. In response, kvd wrote:

I do enjoy Ramana's comments! He lends some sort of philosophical credence to my own view on things - and I'm always grateful for that.

I see weeds, and grass, and a chair.

Now bearing in mind that my own experience (philosophy?) tells me that there is no job too small that it couldn't benefit from a supervisor, I hereby volunteer to observe your efforts.

(But only if you supply the beer)P1000311


I hesitated about responding because I have done so little. But, hey, this is a chat among friends and I did promise to report on progress.

This is the same bed with the first plants in. I am calling the chair kvd's chair. I imagine kvd in it, drinking beer and observing on life.

As I report on progress, I will carry the chair around with me, That way kvd will be there in sprit as supervisor, if not actually present. Mind you, I will have to drink his share of the beer. Still, that's a hardship that I can live with!


Anonymous said...

You do me far too great an honour Jim. I know full well that there are many other commenters who get just as much pleasure as I do from reading your musings, so perhaps it is time to invest in a couple of garden benches - and of course, more beer!

Good luck and hopes for much progress; I know this can only lead in due course to one of your delightful food posts - missing (and much missed) of late.


Jim Belshaw said...

I actually have some food related posts in draft, kvd. A bit local perhaps, but food is local.

Legal Eagle said...

I love KVD's chair!

Jim Belshaw said...

There is a second one for you, LE. However, I son't think that you are a beer drinker, so I will need to have wine on hand.

Rummuser said...

In the Indian epic Ramayana, when Rama goes off to the forest his brother Bharath who was to have sat on the throne, refuses to and instead keeps Rama's footwear on the throne and acts as a Regent till Rama returns. KVD, I hope that this too will amuse you.

Jim Belshaw said...

Nice story, Ramana. Measured by contribution, kvd is the prince of commenters. Does this mean I need one of kvd's shoes?

Legal Eagle said...

Although I don't mind a beer on a hot day, you are right, a nice glass of white is more my tipple! :-) I look forward to seeing your progress!

Jim Belshaw said...

Which white wine do you prefer, LE? I need is on hand for future posts!

Legal Eagle said...

I am afraid I like all wine...but a chardonnay goes down well

Jim Belshaw said...

That can be arranged! But I then realised that kvd hasn't specified which beer he likes!