Monday, May 01, 2017

Monday Forum - whatever!

This Monday Forum is another where you will.

The last two posts on my history blog (Human occupation of North America pushed back over 100,000 yearsExtracting ancient DNA from sediments - and the rise of multidisciplinary history) both deal with the application of science to the study of human history. I wonder whether we are looking at the emergence of what I think of as a new history.

The BBC has briefly put on line its now famous 1953 interview with Evelyn Waugh. Waugh strikes me as a difficult man, but there is no doubt of his natural command of the English language. Which writers do you love for their general command of  English or indeed their capacity for single phrases?

Finally, have I reached a natural end point for these Monday Forums? They have sometimes generated interesting discussion and been very useful from my viewpoint.

I generally try to write something to stimulate discussion. Am I better off dropping them all together? Or just leaving them as a placeholder for you to drop things as you see fit?

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