Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Aide memoire to Self - Academic Blogs, RSS feeds

Short but interesting post on Des Walsh's Thinking Home Business blog on academic blogging, including links to two PhD student blogs. Bronwyn Clarke also has a good post about academic blog links.

At this point I have only done a very quick trawl through the various links to get a feel. Disturbing story on one blog, Faultlines - a blog about doing a PhD on doing a PhD! - about the process of reviewing conference papers that reminded me all too clearly of my own personal experience. Because of my interest in the use of blogs as a tool, and in the PhD process itself, I plan to spend some time later working through the various links.

As part of the review found a story suggesting that doing edits after posting leading to re-posts created multi RSS feeds. I must check this. I would hate to think that my habit of editing to pick up missed mistakes created multiple feeds.

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