Friday, October 20, 2006

Call to Arms - a Message for the Belshawviks

This message is addressed to the Belshawviks, the name Bob Quiggin gave to those of us who worked together in developing new policy approaches in the Department of Industry, Technology and Commerce, and to all those who worked for or with me in Government - over 300 in all.

In my new series on this blog, Secrets of a Policy Adviser, I am going to put on the public record some of the things that we tried to achieve, how we tried to achieve them. I also want to recognise the achievements of both the private sector and union people who worked with us.

Without detailed staff lists and other records I cannot remember all names. So I am going to forget some individual contributions. Worse, I am sometimes going to get the spelling of names wrong. I also have my own perspective, not always right or at least only partial. So I would like to encourage contributions from different perspectives.

I would like to make the story personal as well as professional. Life has become far too serious today. There is a place for extended lunches!

We are now spread all over the world. I will try to contact people where I can. Please do the same.

I have not seen this done on a blog before, so at worst it is an interesting experiment.

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