Friday, May 18, 2007

Blog Milestones

Photo: Italian politician at rest. View Italy.

We bloggers are always interested in our visitors and in visitor milestones.

Earlier in May I provided an overview of the various blogs and web sites I am involved with. At that time Managing the Professional Services Firm had had 7,968 visitors. Well, visitor 8,000 arrived during the week, so the next target is 9,000.

The next few days should see another small milestone, visitor 4,000 on the Regional Living blog, while this blog should pass 13,000. After that, there will be a gap to the next milestone.

Back in April I complained about Technorati's continued failure to check this site. I did email them as suggested, but still no luck. Ah well.


19 May. Visitor 4,000 has just arrived on Regional Living. Someone from the UK who searched on lemon phase beardies!

A little later visitor 13,000 arrived on this blog. They came from the View Italy blog having first done a search on that blog on Italian vacations. I gave added a photo from one of the stories.

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