Sunday, May 20, 2007

Technorati Sucks - Day 342

It si now 342 days since Technorati updated this blog. The blog presently rank's 3,260,072 in the world. I have pinged them and recently emailed them. But they won't update.

This is not the only one of my blogs that this has happened to. I need to do something.

I assume that someone from T scans the web. So what I am going to do is this. Each day I will ping them. Each day that they fail to update I will run another Technorati sucks post.Let's see how long it takes them to pick it all up and do something about it.


Anonymous said...

Have you claimed your blog on Technorati yet?


Jim Belshaw said...

Yes, scepticlawyer.

Several months ago I claimed the two main blogs that T. won't recognise because I thought that this might help.No luck, however.

Leaving aside my frustration, it's quite an interesting issue. I know that Legal Eagle suffered a similar problem. In her case it was sorted out by an email to T. That has not worked for me so far.

There must be something in the software, some trigger issue, that creates the problem.

Anonymous said...

Apparently many people are having difficulty with Technorati for various reasons. There were several occasions when they didn't keep my blog updated as well.

I also used their "WTF" option which is supposed to "help" get traffic etc, only to have them kick my posts off. (I'll admit our blog is out there, but no worse than many others I've seen).

From what I understand they are inundated with traffic and are not capable or equipped to deal with it.

In fact, I read an article not too long ago that suggested that maybe their days as a major player are numbered.

Jim Belshaw said...

Interesting point, Fairlane. Tewlve months ago there were only (!)51 million blogs. Now 72 million, so their systems may well be crashing.

Anonymous said...

Just curious: your comment facility seems to be missing from some recent posts. Yes, I know it only works when Blogspot is having a good day, but I was just wondering...