Monday, May 21, 2007

Test -and the explanation

This post is a test. I will explain later.


Neil kindly pointed out that a number of my posts were missing the comment facility. He was right. Great frustration! I fiddled with posts seeing if I could solve the problem. No luck. All the comment settings seemed okay.

So I posted this test. Yes, the comment section is there. Blowed if I know.

Later again - 23 May

My thanks to Neil for his comment pointing to the link showing that it was a software problem with the new blogger auto save facility. This facility has now been removed.

Mind you, there is an awful irony here.

I was just doing a very full amendment to a post on the Slater & Gordon float. I noticed that auto save was not there, but did not think about it. In the way of the world, there was one of those IE must close messages, and I lost the lot. An hour's work down the drain. Not happy Jan

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Anonymous said...

Jim, have a look at this.

NOTE: 3 failed posts in IE7. Now trying Opera.