Sunday, May 20, 2007

Favourite blogs - a note

I have just finished my post on Gordon Smith's photoblog. I had great fun trawling my way through past photos.

One of the reasons why I have decided to do my favourite blogs as a series lay in a disparaging comment about blogs and bloggers from a work colleague. She cannot be bothered with blogs because, in my words, they are all personal wails upon the world.

Now there is some truth in this. But it really misses a key point, that blogs have become an invaluable source of information and enjoyment. So by taking a personal slice across the blogosphere I want to illustrate both diversity and quality.

Having started, I have to discipline myself not to rush to put up posts. I am going to ration myself to around a blog per week. That way I can actually take the time to sample the blogs properly, looking back at past entries.