Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Depression Series

Well, I have now completed the depression series on the Managing the Professional Services Firm blog, including insertion of a full list of posts at the end of each post.

Series like this take a fair bit of time. In writing, I have tried to write from a firm management perspective, suggesting better ways of managing the problem in the work place. The posts have a law firm focus, but the issues and suggestions are (I hope) of general application. I would like to think that series like this make a small but useful contribution to improved management of a growing problem.

For those who are interested, I suggest that you start with my first post on the management of performance problems in the workplace since this sets a context and then follow the series through. The list of posts at the end of each post should make this easy.

My thanks to Neil for his plug, and to Adrian and Legal Eagle for their initial comments on the Wednesday Forum discussion on depression. Legal Eagle also gave the series an earlier plug.

Both Adrian and Legal Eagle have had direct experience with the problem. Most people have had some contact with depression and indeed some depression is a normal part of life. The problem arises when it becomes a debilitating condition.

I will respond to their comments later on the Forum. But I have to cook tea first!

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