Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Chat with Friends

I do not feel like trying anything too serious tonight. It has been a long day and I am very tired. So I thought that I would chat just with that very small group that I think if as my blogging friends. Those who I know read this blog from time to time.

Thomas and I are in agreement. Neither of us thought that Neil could avoid fiddling again with his blog layout. Just not possible. Makes me want to fiddle again with the layout of this blog within the limitations set by the blogger system. But not tonight!

Neil, I will come to the memorial service for Lord M if I can. That day is my last day under the current contract. This may be extended, but may not. If not, I may well be stuck at Ashfield. Kevin, thank you for your donation to Lord M. Like you, I feel that I know him through Neil.

Lexcen, I cannot share your love of boobs, although a scene in Clubland reminded me that I once did! It's partly all this talk of cysts and breast cancer, partly the discovery that the anatomy in question appears to be not all that sensitive. But lingerie is still interesting.

Legal Eagle has continued her record with a series of remarkably good posts. Her post, the subtle knife, raised an issue that has since entered the main stream media, the right of Sikhs to wear ceremonial daggers in schools. Both the post and the comments on the posts draw out some of the issues.

I find it interesting that secular society in Australia, and other countries too, is now really struggling to come to grips with those in society who still have religious faith and/or traditional beliefs. I have been meaning to write a post on this for some time just to disentangle the issues in my mind.

A comment by marcellous caught my attention: "I really hate the tendency which because of our authoritarian historical origins, is particularly strong in Australia, to go for the “one rule fits all” approach." Marcellous, I agree.

Speaking of marcellous, he has been posting on the Sydney Film Festival. I especially liked his post The most expensive convenience shop in the world: the most boring film.

I am out of time. I will continue this post tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jim. Hope you can make it to the service. As for the blog, I intend now only to fine tune, as the current template looks good and has the mix of features that suit me best. Of course I can't promise I won't try any new templates WordPress might offer...

Lexcen said...

Thanks for the mention Jim. Of course my range of interests does extend beyond boobs and lingerie.

Jim Belshaw said...

Neil, Thomas and I will believe this when we see it!

Lexcen, I accept the correction! Humour is another element.

I have just cooked tea and have to put some washing on. The life of a domestic slave is never finished. When all this is done, I will continue my chat.