Friday, June 29, 2007


I am just back from Lord Malcolm's memorial service. I felt nervous about going, but am glad that I did. It was a nice service and good to meet Neil, if briefly. I will let Neil describe the service itself.

After finishing my last post, I have decided to rest for the moment my commentary on the Government's moves in the Northern Territory. I am getting too introspective, too close to the topic. Better to stand back for the moment.

From a narrow personal perspective, blogging has had one adverse effect. I have found it very good as a way of exploring and clarifying my own thinking. But it has also reminded me that ageism is alive and well.

Normally I do not think about my age, nor do I talk about it. Since I began blogging I have begun to do so, because part of my commentary has - as in my last post - involved looking at things through the perspective of my own past.

All this is fine. But I find that if I do mention my age in conversation, it changes people's reactions to me. At this stage in my life and professional career I cannot really afford to be classified as old!

I suppose that I should be flattered that people think that I am younger than I am.

I am not sure that I look younger in physical terms, although my very kind daughters and their friends say that I do. Rather, people take you as you behave. So the fact that I have teenage daughters, that in some ways I have perhaps not fully grown up, means that people tend to think of me as younger. All this changes if I remind them of my real age!

Time to finish.

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