Friday, June 01, 2007

A Missing Day

Where did yesterday go?

I try to do at least one post everyday on this blog, but somehow yesterday escaped me. It was just a messed up day. I left the house about 6.45am, getting home twelve hours later. Then I had to prepare tea. By the time I had done this and a few other domestic things I simply felt that I had done enough and wandered off to bed.

Over at New Lines from a Floating Life, I see that Neil has already completed his end month review with a new record in visitor numbers. Deserved because of the content.

During the month Neil changed his format many times to the point one visited just to see where he was now. Neil reckons that the format is now settled. Like Thomas, I find this hard to believe.

Speaking of Thomas, I see that he too has completed his monthly review. Damn! I feel inadequate.

Well, what can I say?

May saw 34 posts, similar to previous months in raw numbers, but time pressures meant that both depth and variety were down. I haven't looked at the numbers in detail, but I think that the reduced quality of posts was reflected in the number of visitors, no real increase in the month.

I have noticed this pattern across my blogs. A drop in frequency and quality of posts leads to visitor numbers stalling then falling. Improve quality and frequency, and numbers come back, but only after a lag. This should not be surprising, but I find both the speed of and relative skew in the process interesting.

Part of the answer here lies in the search engine patterns. A decline in variety and frequency of posts leads quite quickly to lower search engine visibility. Numbers drop. Once search engine visibility is down, it can take a fair bit of time to rebuild it.

Technorati still refuses to visit this site. However, I see from a check there that this blog has just been listed in the search index. So that's good!

Enough. Its now 6am and I have to start preparing for the day.

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