Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Intermission - this time voluntary

Just back and I have to cook tea, but I wanted to make a few brief comments, continuing later.

Neil, it looks almost certain now that I will be able to make Lord Malcolm's service Friday. But here I have to reveal a gap in my knowledge. What is a red ribbon occasion?

A sign in our local supermarket yesterday that I have never seen before in an Australian store. "Notice to customers. The cold weather that has impacted (another word I hate) the supply of certain vegetables and fruit including (list follows)."

They were not kidding. No beans, zucchini, brocolini at all. As I write there are floods in other parts of Eastern Australia. I must do an update post on the strange thing we call our weather!

Initial results of the 2006 Australian census released today. The media is full of it, so to speak. I spent an hour trawling through the detail and will do a post tailored to my own somewhat strange interests.

Because of the crash in our home computer system I was not able to do my next planned post on Mr Howard, Mr Bough and Australia's Aborigines. I will try to do so later tonight.

It's now 6.30 and I need to cook. I am in fact very hungry. I left for work at seven, got home after shopping not long ago, and did not have time for lunch. Talk among yourselves!


ninglun said...

Great, Jim! If you have one, just wear one of those AIDS Awareness ribbons, as depicted on the notice. Perhaps they will be available there...

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, Neil, I should have realised that that was what the ribbon was for.