Thursday, October 11, 2007

A companion post to Lexcen

Photo: Lexcen's family, Australia 1955.

I do like writing companion posts. I do it a fair bit with Neil because we come from different positions and often end up the same point. This time I am responding to Lexcen.

I have Lexcen on my weekly favourite blog list on the side bar. Three recent posts show why I value Lexcen even when I disagree with him.

A little while ago Lexcen wrote a post on his family. Now he has followed this up with a further post, one that provides further information.

I have made the point time and time again on this blog that Australians are not a single whole, but a whole complex of people and experiences. Lexcen's family came to Australia from Greece via Egypt. Their experience puts a family and personal face on historical events, reminding us that there are different ways of seeing the same thing.

The, too, Lexcen is a painter. In another post he explored examples of his art, centered on his muse but copying various styles. I called youngest across and insisted that she review the post. We are agreed that Merlin with muse, pictured, was our favourite.

In another completely different post, Lexcen explored the story of the Grand Mufti.

Three posts, three very different themes. I enjoyed them all.


Lexcen said...
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Lexcen said...

Wow Jim, I feel very humbled that you've given so much attention to my blog. Thank you very much. I hope I don't upset you too much with other posts that follow.

Jim Belshaw said...

Fire away, Lexcen. I do reserve the right, however, to rouse on you as required!