Monday, October 01, 2007

End Month Traffic Review - September 2007

Another end month, another blog traffic review. I have spent a bit of today reviewing traffic patterns and preparing end month material for my various blogs.

Overall visitor numbers across the blogs follow as at end September. The totals exclude my own visits.

Hard to believe that there have been just under 46,000 visits since I began.

Another measure is page views. Here according to the Google figures September was a clear record with 6,733 page impressions, largely because of the APEC stories. October will certainly drop back.

It is hard to compare blog figures with print media figures. The nearest I can get is to think of my blogs as specialist magazines. I am not trying to be an A list blogger. Still, in combination with the two web sites I do get some traction, including cross-platform traffic.

Looking forward, I am setting no particular targets for October. I will be happy if the numbers hold up and, most importantly, if I continue to get some response.


Anonymous said...

Jim - congrats! I enjoy reading all your blogs.

Jim Belshaw said...

Thank you, David. Much appreciated.

Coluna dÁguias Gloriosas said...

Congratulations Mr Belshaw

i enjoyed very much to meet this blog. sorry my english because i am writing from Portugal

Greetings from Lisbon and best wishes


Jim Belshaw said...

Thank you Coluna. Good to have a Portugese reader!