Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Muck-up Day - a few suggestions for the kids

Photo: Boot Camp, Muck-up Day 05. Mads, Jenny, Laura, Helen

Last month I ran a post on Clare's, youngest's, Muck-up Day. I have got some hits on this, so I thought that I might do a post with a few suggestions addressed especially to the kids.

First, have some fun. It's your day.

Second, make sure that there are lots of cameras around. You will want the photos later.

Third, a unifying theme helps in the design of costumes and stunts. Eldests was boot camp. Clare's The Great Escape. Both had lots of possibilities.

Fourth, remember that most schools now suffer from paranoia.

I know it's dumb. Half the things that I did at the same period are now illegal, immoral or fattening! But this is still the modern reality for schools with their problems with risk, legal liability and the fear of looking bad. You do have to take this into account. Work around it, so to speak.

Fifth, remember that younger kids can get scared. Not as scared as some schools think, but still something to take into account. If my daughters are any guide, Muck-up day was a school highlight from year seven. You want the kids behind you to remember the day as special.

Sixth, balance the good and the bad.

Muck-up day is a day to thank the really good teachers, especially any who might be going. Youngest's class did a thank you video for one retiring teacher that reduced her to tears. She will treasure that moment for the rest of her life.

On the other side of the ledger, don't be too cruel.

Kids know their teachers incredibly well. In this last final event free of normal restrictions, they can do things that will hurt and hurt. Oddly, some of the most sensitive teachers are also the most insensitive. Life is too short to leave a scar behind.

Seventh, keep things tight especially if you are running a final year assembly.

Last, spend some time thinking about, then working out, your stunts.


blonde canadian said...

Ah, muck-up day. So much fun, but so much potential for mischief!

Thankfully they're not the terror-filled days they once were, when schools would have to hire security guards to prevent serious vandalism. When I finished year 12, we were giving a giant slide, lunch and karaoke so long as we promised not to wreck the joint. It was a great day.

I'm looking forward to seeing what our kids come up with.

Jim Belshaw said...

BC, that's the problem, mischief vs fun! Or, sometimes, obsessive control! Muck up day this year was fun. Sad to think that it was my last.