Sunday, October 21, 2007

Morning Musings

I do like the early mornings. There are no disruptions, and I love the changing light. My only problem is the cats, who do insist on sitting between me and the computer screen.

I have decided not to do the follow up post on the reconciliation issue this morning. I want more time to think about it, and in any case I have a number of other things to check and write about.

A little while ago, I started the habit at the start of each week of featuring a new set of my favourite blogs on the side bar. I like this because it gives me a reason for rechecking what people are saying. My only problem is that I cannot remember just which blogs I have so far featured! I suppose should keep a list, but, hey, nobody else is going to remember either except, perhaps, the person featured.

Congratulations, by the way, to Legal Eagle on her fifteen minutes of fame. The Age article she refers to explains something that I had been wondering about, the sudden stoppage in posts on the Junior Lawyers Union blog. I found this blog very useful in giving me a different perspective on things.

A Little Later

Just back from dropping Helen at the Belvoir Street Theatre. No, she is not going to the theatre. It's just the meet point for those taking the girls to a gym competition. On the way back, I actually noticed the Juice and Java Lounge for the first time, the place where Neil spends a fair bit of time.

I have loaded Livewriter to test as Neil suggested. However, all the software I now have on this old machine is making it all very cluncky.

Interesting discussion last night with Helen that shows just how pervasive vocational training has become. Helen has been asked to do her judge's certificate in rhythmic gymnastics to go with her initial coaching certificate. They want her to do this so that she can do a wider range of things.

Helen is a bit reluctant simply because the pay is so low as compared, for example, to bar work. Here too you need a certificate, in this case RSA or Responsible Service of Alcohol. Once you have this initial jobs are easy to find. Then, once you have some experience, you can pick and choose.

All of these entry level qualifications come with a price. This is not high, but is still a barrier for some kids. This is where old golden arches is so good. Their systems allow younger kids to get initial income and also gain some work experience.

I suppose one could ask why so many kids have to work, why modern Australia places so much emphasis on kids working to the point that we have one of the highest school age working proportions in the world. We have to accept, I think, that it's just a reality, one supported by most parents and the kids themselves.

Still Later

Another run, this time to get some panadol. I had set myself a target this morning of getting certain things done by 9am to allow me to do some gardening. It's now coming up on 9, and I am still no where near finished.

Much, Much Later

After another interruption I finally gave up and did my gardening. Now for a beer and to finish this post.

One of the problems with my present life style is that I cannot find the time for things I like. Like cooking and gardening. The garden is a mess, although I am trying to do something.

All I did this morning was to weed the immediate kitchen garden bed, this is just outside the back door and has the herbs. Even when to busy to garden, I do try to keep the herbs alive because they are so useful in cooking. And I love the smell.

Then I transplanted two tomato plants, I have had half a dozen growing in small pots. Then I mulched the kitchen bed. I am a lazy gardener. I always mulch because it reduces weeding and watering. It also helps the soil.

I do not have a lot in at the moment, but enough to give me an illusion of progress.

Herbs: mint, rosemary, oregano, marjoram, thyme, coriander, sage. Some silver beet, enough to give me a few leaves all the time. I love silver beet. Unfortunately I am the only person in the family who does!

A few lettuce varieties at an early stage. I will try to plant another lot next weekend, and then more a few weeks after that. There are so many varieties of leaf vegetables now that regular small plantings mean that we do not have to buy them at all. I also have a few red onions in, again for salads.

Then there are the two tomatoes, with the others still to transplant. My family also wants me to plant Roma and the cherry variety. I hope to do so in due course.

As I said, not a lot. For example, I have not yet planted beans. This is dumb. Again, regular small plantings can keep us in beans all the time. And beans fresh from the garden beat the store variety every time.

Well, enough for now.

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