Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Cyber-attack sinks Neil's Floating Life - hopefully not for long

Those like me who have noticed that Neil's blogs are down, can find out the reasons why here.

I haven't followed the detail of the discussion that Neil feels triggered the attack. I, too, read a variety of blogs and value the freedom of expression and different ideas involved. I can only hope that the problem will be sorted out soon.

In the meantime, let conversation continue.


In fact, not all Neil's blogs are down, just the Gateway blog. Floating Life itself is still on line. I did not pick this up at once because I always use the Gateway as my entry point to all of Neil's blogs.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jim. Yes, it is only the Gateway that is off line, but of course I cannot edit or post on any of my WordPress blogs until this is sorted out. Meanwhile, I am continuing on Journalspace.

Anonymous said...

News, as you may already know. I am back on WordPress, but the Gateway will be going... That wasn't the core problem, but a by-product of the issue that arose. Adjust bookmarks to Floating Life itself.