Monday, September 08, 2008

NSW Ministry

For those that are interested, I have listed the full new NSW Ministry in New Ministry in NSW.

If my maths is correct, there are 23 Ministers from the following geographic areas:

  • Sydney - 17
  • Illawarra - 2
  • Central West - 2
  • Central Coast - 1
  • Hunter - 1

Premier Rees seems to have maintained the current portfolio structure, including ministers for specific areas considered to be of special geographic significance - Redfern-Waterloo (inner Sydney), Western Sydney, Illawarra and the Hunter.

In addition to the departure of Michael Costa and Reba Meagher, Frank Sartor has been dumped. I think that his style had become just too much of a liability.

I was pleased to see Kristina Keneally get a promotion, while Ian Macdonald and Tony Kelly stayed in the ministry. While I have had no direct contact with him, Mr Macdonald has always impressed me as competent.

Matt Brown has gone from Housing to Police, a promotion in a formal sense, but in terms of possibility for real contribution he would have been better off staying where he was. His post has been taken by David Borger, a new junior minister who has Western Sydney.

The overall portfolio structure remains very messy. It reflects previous fancies and lacks any coherent thematic structure.

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