Friday, September 19, 2008

Visiting China 1 - Initial Impressions

This internet connection is free. But I am standing up and have a twenty minute window. Still, I thought that I might record some initial impressions before running out of time. And before things blur! You know how it is when traveling.

Impression one. The Chinese are incredibly courteous, marked by kindness and good manners. I am sure that there are exceptions, but I have not found one so far.

Impression two. Size. The sheer press of people can be quite overwhelming, especially in Shanghai. It is hard for an Australian, at least this Australian, to come to grips with population numbers greater than Australian crammed into a single urban area. This is a BIG country.

Impression three. Safety. At no time whether on the street or in the metro have I ever felt threatened. Again, I am sure that this is not universally true, but it is nice.

Impression four. Complexity. This is a remarkably complex society for a country lad like me to come to grips with.

Out of time. More later. 

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