Friday, September 12, 2008

Scattered Friday Thoughts

So much to do today, so this post is limited to some very scattered thoughts, really notes to myself.

In a comment to Anon on New England Story - The life and death of the mysterious Harry Freame I mentioned that I was wondering about who else I might write about. I really do enjoy writing these biographical posts, although they take a lot of time, time that I do not always have. They also get a good response from readers.

I especially like subjects whose lives interact with different worlds, who illuminate a different aspect of life or history. There is a powerful addiction here because of the excuse it gives me for going in a variety of different directions. While I love ideas, I am also curious about people and the detail of life.

There are a lot of people I could write about, especially people who have become submerged with the passage of time. Here the hardest ones are the lesser known because they are far less likely to have on-line material that I can draw from, amplify as required. Yet these are some of the most fascinating stories. Life is not just about the famous, but about all those who have done different things.

So who do I write on next?

I must say that I am pleased with the recent performance of this blog, although I do not understand it. After a slow period, the blog is showing an upward trend in visitor numbers and page views. I cannot explain this. The stats packages I have do not provide any clue. Obviously I am not complaining, I would just like to understand.

The New England, Australia blog is also on an up. I have a better understanding here. Part is due to the Higher School Certificate exams bringing people through to posts such as those on Judith Wright. Part is due to click-throughs from this blog, something that obviously pleases me. Part is simply due to more regular posting.

I remain dissatisfied with the standard and focus of some of my posts. I was thinking as I responded to a comment from Bob Q on Uniformity and the tyranny of the majority that I really wasn't getting this quite right. There was a muddiness in my own thinking.

All this has been a somewhat introspective post, as I am sure that you will agree. Still, I did say that they were really notes to myself!

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