Monday, February 15, 2010

Death of Dick Francis



My thanks to PD_Smith via Neil on this one.

The English thriller writer Dick Francis has dies at the age of 89. The English Daily Telegraph has the story.

I will really miss him because I have been reading him for so many years and have, I think, all his novels.

After his wife died I thought that there would be no more, but there was at least one.

In some ways his books were always very stylised, but they were always a good read. As I said, I will miss him. 


Rummuser said...

Hi Jim, It is nice to be back in your blog. I lost all data in my old Windows PC, restored it all including reestablishing my blog and eventually decided to switch to a Mac which is what I am now typing this on. Neil commented on my post on Pune bombing and I was able to relocate both your and his blogs for reestablishing contact.

Dick Francis was one of my favourites too as I was quite into horse racing and punting for a while. His books used to fascinate me during the time I was involved but after I gave up that life, I have not been reading him.

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Ramana.

That was a dreadful problem that you had. Even after Neil was bringing you up again on his reader, my anti-virus system kept on refusing me access. Its only quite recently that I have been able to visit again.

With Dick Francis, I just enjoy the yarns. I am only vert peripherally a racing person.

Dreadful news on Pune. I thought of you as soon as i saw the story.