Monday, February 01, 2010

US Church group arrested in Haiti on child trafficking charges - an interesting document

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, 10 members of a US missionary group, New Life Children’s Refuge, were arrested in Haiti on child trafficking charges. Now I have been following the Haiti story through a missionary blog, The Livesay (Haiti) Weblog. There I had read of attempts to get people into the US for treatment.

I was sufficiently concerned by the story to revisit the Liversay's blog just to make sure that the groups were not connected, then I went on a web search.

To my surprise, what I did find on Google docs was a document entitled New Life Children's Mission, Haiti Rescue Mission setting out what the group hoped to achieve, the logistics involved, along with an appeal for funds.

If this document is authentic, it certainly appears to be so, then we are not are not dealing with child traffickers in the normal sense of the word but with a somewhat naive group trying to do the right thing.  

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