Thursday, February 18, 2010

Train reading resumes

As Neil referred to in Random, but age may be part of it, I mentioned on Facebook that I was reviewing my blog publishing program. This is in fact the second review in a short while driven by my own ill-discipline.

Now that I have passed 156,000 visits on the blog suite, a not inconsiderable number even if small by some standards, it is probably time to decide what I am doing! Mind you, the next fortnight is just experimentation before final decision.

Having reviewed blog publishing, I then turned to a review of the writing program.

Just at the moment I am working from home, and I am very out of practice after twelve months on site. It turns out that the train reading I used to do on those otherwise dead periods on train and bus - up to three hour per day - was very productive. Now I don't have that mandated framework, my reading has actually dropped. More precisely, its time has been taken by what I can only call undirected browsing.

So as part of my writing review, the first step is to resume train reading. Call it a ploy if you like, but I am going to force myself to devote the time that I did spend travelling under the exactly the same rules.

My first book is John Zubrzycki's the Last Nizam, an Indian Prince in the Australian outback. More later!     

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